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The Trend of Chunky Jewellery: Effortless Statement-Makin


As the fashion season unfolds, one clear trend has emerged as a frontrunner: chunky jewellery. From the bustling city streets to the glitzy catwalks, style enthusiasts and trendy millennials are embracing dramatic accessories with open arms. The minimalist jewellery trend is losing its luster as there's a growing preference for bold and expressive accessories over understated ones. 

Why Chunky Jewellery?

 Fashion trends are constantly evolving, and what was once popular may eventually give way to new styles and aesthetics. While minimalist jewellery enjoyed a prolonged moment in the spotlight, fashion tastes are shifting towards more maximalist and expressive designs. However, chunky jewellery isn't just about making a bold statement; it's a reflection of a personality that thrives on confidence and self-expression. Its versatility can effortlessly elevate an outfit, making it fit for any occasion, from casual coffee meet-ups to high glamour night scenes. 


Style Tips For Mastering Chunky Jewellery

High-Neck Pairing for Visual Impact:

Elevate a plain, dark high-neck top by pairing it with a bold chunky neck chain. The simplicity of the top serves as a canvas, allowing the chunky jewellery to take center stage and create an arresting visual impact.

Playful Stacks of Bangles and Bracelets:

Embrace the volume by stacking chunky bangles and bracelets together. This playful approach allows you to experiment with a mix of textures and styles on one arm, while keeping the other minimal for a balanced yet eclectic look. Variety in shapes and sizes is essential with bangles.

Sophisticated Statement Rings on Fingers:

Add a touch of chic sophistication to your look by wearing a bold chunky ring on your index or middle finger. It's a subtle yet potent nod to the chunky jewellery trend, making a statement without overwhelming your overall look. For an ultimate statement, consider pairing a chunky thumb ring alongside others.

Let Chunky Earrings Shine:

When wearing chunky earrings, give them the limelight they deserve by pulling your hair back in a sleek bun or ponytail. This styling choice not only showcases the intricate details of the earrings but also frames your face elegantly.

Eclectic Mix for Personal Distinction:

Dive into the world of personal style by mixing and matching different textures in your chunky jewellery collection. Combining varied pieces can result in a curated and eclectic style that reflects your individuality, making each ensemble idividually yours.

These style tips offer insights into the versatility of chunky jewelry, allowing you to experiment with different pairings and create looks that are both stylish and true to your personal taste.

Visual Examples

chunky ring model

Burren Jewellery, 'There's Still The Moon' Ring

spotlight shimmer ring model

Burren Jewellery, 'Spotlight Shimmer' Ring

18k gold plate bangle stack 

Burren Jewellery, 'Stop This Train, Fashion Slave, Slave to Love' Bangles

Real-Life Inspiration from Style Influencers

Looking for more inspiration on how to incorporate chunky jewellery into your wardrobe? Here’s how your favorite influencers are rocking the trend:

hailey bieber jewellery

Hailey Bieber appreciates how chunky jewellery instantly adds a touch of glamour and attitude to any ensemble. Whether she's rocking a casual street style look or attending a high-profile event, Hailey Bieber's love for chunky jewellery reflects her fearless approach to fashion for making a memorable statement wherever she goes.


kylie jenner chunky jewellery

Kylie Jenner sees chunky jewellery as a way to add instant drama and sophistication to her looks. Kylie embraces the power of accessorizing to express her individual sense of style and personality. 

Their fashion-forward approach to the trend proves that a single piece of chunky jewellery can be a game-changer for any style.


Chunky jewellery is certainly everywhere this season, standing out as the go-to accessory for those looking to command attention effortlessly. Beyond its powerful aesthetic, it resonates with the value-driven choices of modern consumers—sustainability, craftsmanship, and adaptability. So, why not let your accessories do the talking and let chunky pieces reflect your bold spirit!

Remember, whether you're dressing up for the office or stepping out for an evening soiree, a touch of chunky gold could be just the flair your outfit needs. Embrace the trend and make each day a statement with 18k gold plated chunky jewellery.